Meet our Staff

Executive Team

Eric Black, R.Ph, Owner
Eric Black, R.Ph.

Tracey Adams, General Manager
Tracey Adams
General Manager

Sherry Davis, Lead Pharmacy Technician
Sherry Davis
Lead Pharmacy Technician

Jeff Burkett, DME Manager, ATP
Jeff Burkett
DME Manager, ATP

Cathy Southerd-Graham, CRT, RCP, ATP, Director of Clinical Services
Cathy Southerd-Graham
CRT, RCP, ATP, Director of Clinical Services

India Lowther, CPhT, Assistant Manager
India Lowther, CPhT
Assistant Manager

The Medicine Shoppe Staff

Mary Anne Herman, Pharmacist
Mary Anne Herman

Tonya Ellis, Pharmacy Technician
Tonya Ellis
Pharmacy Technician

Angela Ellison, Compounding Pharmacy Technician
Angela Ellison
Compounding Pharmacy Technician

Vickie Kerry, Pharmacy Technician
Vickie Kerry
Pharmacy Technician

Laura Michaud, Pharmacy Technician
Laura Michaud
Pharmacy Technician

Lori Scott, Pharmacy Technician
Lori Scott
Pharmacy Technician

Amanda Capps, Pharmacy Technician
Amanda Capps
Pharmacy Technician

Jason Charron, DME Delivery Technician
Jason Charron
DME Delivery Technician

TMS Mobility Staff

Jessica Schmidt, RRT, RCP
Jessica Schmidt

Melanie Bullock, DME Customer Service
Melanie Bullock
DME Customer Service

Kara Petersen, DME Customer Service
Kara Petersen
DME Customer Service

Seth Ellis, DME Delivery Technician
Seth Ellis
DME Delivery Technician

Matthew Sandweg, HME Technician
Matthew Sandweg
HME Technician

Kara Palmer, Technician
Kara Palmer

Teresa Hale, Billing
Teresa Hale

Gayle Lenz, Billing
Gayle Lenz

John Millwood, Sales
John Millwood

Lisa Trout
Lisa Trout