What kinds of compounded medications are available at The Medicine Shoppe?

We specialize in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, transdermal pain therapy, and veterinary care.

If I have a problem who do I talk to?

When a patient has a problem they can speak to either a pharmacist or a technician who can answer their question immediately. If we don't know the answer we will call you right back after finding the answer. No runaround.

Is my prescription going to be covered by insurance?

Most third parties do not cover compounded prescriptions. However many of our patients have success submitting receipts manually for reimbursement.

Does The Medicine Shoppe ship compounded prescriptions to my home?

Yes, we are licensed in Missouri and Illinois and can ship directly to your home or office.

What other services does The Medicine Shoppe offer to its compounding customers?

The Medicine Shoppe offers at home saliva testing kits (ZRT Labs) and high quality nutritional supplements.

What lines of supplements do you carry?

Life Extension, Metagenics, Ortho Molecular, and Basic Vitamin

How much do saliva test kits sell for and what can be tested?

Our prices vary from $150-$250 depending on what is being tested. Tests include options for estrogens and progesterone, cortisol, Vitamin D, thyroid hormone among others.

How long does it take to prepare a compounded medication?

Most compounded medications can be turned around in 2 business days.

How much does a compounded prescription cost?

It depends greatly on what the medication is and how complex it is to prepare. Common hormone therapies cost around $40 for a 6 week supply. Common pain creams cost around $60 for a 3 week supply. Call us for a quote.

My doctor isn't comfortable with prescribing hormone replacement therapy? What can I do?

Some physicians are not comfortable with custom compounded medication simply because most were not trained in their use and thus have a lack of knowledge. After learning some basics most providers lover the freedom of prescribing that compounding gives them. No longer do they have to abide by the limited choices of what the commercial market gives them. Compounding makes prescribing choice almost limitless and allows a custom solution to be prepared for your specific need. We would love to speak to any provider that has questions. Just let us know and we will start a conversation with them.