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Sildenafil FAQ


Is sildenafil the generic for Viagra®?

Yes. We sell the generic as 25mg, 50mg and 100mg (best value), sourced from FDA-approved companies only. We sell these for $7.50 per tablet.

Do you offer any other sildenafil?

  • We also offer sildenafil 20mg for $2 a tablet. This is a great option for men who do not need a larger dose or who do not want to mess with splitting a 50 or 100mg tablet. The 20mg tablets are the exact same active ingredient as what’s in Viagra®.
  • 5 tablets of the 20mg is equal to one 100mg tablet.

Are there other savings available?

We offer our customers a discount on our normal pricing if auto refill is selected. We will auto refill the script every 90 days and charge it to your card of choice. This allows us to discount the usual order of 20 tablets by 15%! Ask us for details.

How do I get my prescription to you?

Your doctor is welcome to fax it to us at 618-242-0424. Or easier yet have your doctor send us a prescription or we’ll be glad to call them for you. We can also transfer your script from another pharmacy. Just let us know where it’s at and we will take care of all the details.

I’m not local. Is that a problem?

We are able to ship anywhere in IL or MO at no extra charge to you.

What about privacy?

We discretely ship all orders in via USPS using generic bubble mailers. Your private information is never shared with anyone.