Prepping for your COVID-19 Vaccine

Pre-Vaccination Steps


Speeding Up the Process:

  • 1.) Fill out pre-vaccination form before appointment. 


Pre-vaccination form


  • 2.) Read the vaccine fact sheet to answer any questions you may have about getting vaccinated.


Moderna Vaccine Fact Sheet        Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Fact Sheet


  • 3.) Bring a copy of your insurance card.

Medicare eligible patients will need to provide their red, white, and blue cards.

We are trying to accommodate everyone to the best of our abilities to get everyone vaccinated as efficiently as possible. Please refrain from calling the pharmacy about your place on the vaccination list. We will call you to set up an appointment for vaccination as soon as doses become available and if you are on our Interest Form List 


Ensure Your Immune System is up to the Task!


At the Medicine Shoppe, we have hand selected immune boosting supplements to help keep you and your family healthy through this pandemic. Now is NOT the time to slow down or stop taking your vitamins. This vaccine works with your immune system. The better and stronger your immune system is when you get the vaccine, the better and stronger you will during and after it too.  Let us know if you are interested in one of our Immunity Kits or personalizing one for you or a loved one.



Some of our favorite Immune Boosting Products!